Token Management

Made with love by another red#0627

1- Making Long Lasting Tokens

The main tip to create long lasting tokens is to ensure you use good quality proxies and other resources. In order to make long lasting tokens, you need to keep in mind the following things:

1- Use HQ proxies

2- Use captcha service at the right time

3- Use good phone verify services.

Now, keeping in mind these things, let us understand which services to use. In order to create HQ tokens, you need a good source of proxies. It can be of any country. After this, make sure to use 2captcha at the correct time when there are many workers available. This is usually between IST 12AM - 10 AM. After setting up captchas, the important part of phone verifying comes. You need to use countries other than Russia to make HQ tokens. The list of recommended countries are Europe, Lithuania, India and Ukraine. Try to use reputed services such as

2- Retaining/Ageing Tokens

Ageing tokens, is actually in fact an easy process. In order to age tokens properly, just make sure that they are made with the following requirements:

  • Tokens are NOT made with Russian phone numbers

  • They are made with well known Emails

  • They are Fully verified.

After you made the tokens, you can start ageing them. Just make sure to make them online every 2 days or so. Also, if you can make each token send a message ocassionally. Not spam, just send 1 message every 3 days. Age to at least 2-3 weeks for better results.