Quick Start Guide

Made with love by another red#0627


Before you start using the quick setup guide, it is assumed that you have basic knowledge of terms and how they work such as proxies, SMS-verify, API etc.,. In case you do not have any idea what these are, I suggest you check out the entire documentation to get started.

1- Getting all requirements ready:

In order to get started, you need the following items ready:

  1. Email combolist (Email:Password) [Preffered mail.ru]

  2. Proxy list (proxy:port)

  3. Captcha solving service API key (Preffered capmonster.cloud)

  4. Phone Verification API key (preferred sms-activate.ru)

2- Setting up IMAP:

After you have all the things ready, you need to set up the IMAP details on the tool depending on which E-mail provider is being used. For more details visit E-mail configuration page.

3- Getting the tool up and running:

Upon setting all tools up, you're ready to start making tokens. Just link the .txt files to the respective categories and you're good to go. Just run the tool and start making tokens! Do note that it is preffered to use not more than 5 threads.