Proxy Guide

Made with love by another red#0627

Choosing the right type of proxies:

In order to choose the right kind of proxies, one must take into account several factors such as, the type of proxies, number of threads supported, bandwidth consumed, and price. Now, we will be looking into the best kinds of proxies that are suitable for the registrator.

1- Type of proxies

Now, there are many types of proxies to choose from, but the xyliase tool will only be needing backconnect rotating proxies. They auto rotate with each new request made. It is preferrable to use residential or datacentre proxies. As stated earlier, due to saturation, we cannot disclose our sources. But, with a little bit of effort, you can find the right provider. The recommended ip:token ratio is 1:1. But, we advice you to not exceed 1:2.

2- Number of threads

It is suggested to use upto 5 threads while creating tokens, as using more threads will flag off discord's security, causing them to release a ban wave and ban all your tokens within a day. If you don't know what threads are, they are the number of concurrent connections made while making tokens. It is like opening 5 tabs and simultaneously making tokens. Try to use natural usernames while making tokens.

3- Bandwidth

While using the registrator tool, 100 tokens use up 1GB of bandwidth. So, according to your need you can choose any plan you need depending upon your usage.

4- Price

Now, this is a very tricky thing. Depending on your proxies and quality, they may cost you anywhere between 10$ - 100$ a month. Public trash websites such as proxyscape charge less while private ones charge moderate around 30-40 USD. Premium proxies are expensive and cost anywhere from 50- 200$ depending on need. Try to buy ones that provide many ip's (ip pool) than individual proxies. Russia and Chinese proxies are generally cheaper.