Xyliase.com Registrator FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on our discord server!

1- Where can I get good quality proxies?

A- In order to get good proxies, you must search for good proxy sources on your own. Discord has a strict proxy checking algorithm that allows it to easily detect when proxies are used. We personally do not recommend any proxy sources and it is upto you to look for one's that aren't saturated. Before heading out to buy any, refrain from purchasing from the following companies:

  • Luminati.io Proxies

  • Proxyscape/ Proxyscape Premium

  • Lime Proxies

  • webshare.io

  • Cosmoproxies

  • Stormproxies

  • Fineproxies.

All these are saturated and will not give you a good token life. It is recommended to use backconnect rotating proxies, residential or datacentre.

2- My proxies are loaded but it says proxies are invalid!

A- Do not worry, there are 2 possible scenarios when it says that the proxies are invalid.

1- The proxies provided are in the wrong format

2- The proxies are dead.

For case 1, try by reformatting the proxies in the correct way, i.e login:password(@)ip:port [ ignore the ()] In order to reformat the proxies, we suggest you to try out textmechanic.

For case 2, try checking if your proxy provider has an IP authorisation. If yes, first authorise your PC's IP and try again. To get your IP google what is my IP?. If it doesn't work, then your proxies are likely dead or are public ones.

3- The activation code I entered is invalid!

A- Before you start to wonder why your activation code is invalid, know that your tool has a HWID lock. It means that using the code on any other PC once redeemed makes it invalid. So, if you want it to use on a different PC, you have no choice but to purchase a new code. If your PC is destroyed/corrupted, DM heavenswaffles and he will give you a new code by deactivating the license on old PC.

If you are a new user user who just bought the tool, once you enter the code, restart the tool for effects to take place and make sure you're connected to the internet.

4- New tokens are banned within a day.

A- If your tokens are banned on the same day you made them and have never used them, it means that discord has detected token generation and has banned all of the generated tokens. This can happen if your proxies are public or if you have used multiple threads (10+) to make tokens. Also, use of verified emails increase token life. Use providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail for registration. Use of temp mails decrease token life. Try to use phone numbers that aren't from Russia.

5- The tokens are joining the server, but the tokens aren't logged!

A- If you're facing this issue, there might be a problem with your verification services. Check your logs. Alternatively, try disabling join server and upload avatar option as well. This should solve the issue. After the tokens are created, use the main tool to add avatars and other necessities.

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